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 DreamAgain Metaverse-Art Director-Comic

DreamAgain Metaverse is a small entertainment company where I work on both the comic and the game in progress. Seen below is the comic I have been revamping and creating new pages for the story. I have redesigned some of the characters slightly and redid the color palette. I oversee a team of 3 member and work with the programmer and owner for story continuity. 
You can get your copy on Amazon in color or Black and White!

Shelf-ish Pursuit- Director:

A school group animation I was able to direct, 3D model items and animate. This project took 6 months and won the Gold Award for Animation Advertising. I modeled the majority of the props in the room and animated both the teddy bear in 4 scenes and the dog for 2  scenes. I assisted in running a 9 member team.